Don't Quit Your Day Job

Onyx Theatre
Las Vegas, Nevada

...because it might just be amazing!

Created by Derek and Natalie Shipman, “Don’t Quit Your Day Job” features a weekly one-on-one interview with a special guest which in turn inspires a series of improvised scenes.

From video store clerks to politicians, coroners and porn stars, “Don’t Quit Your Day Job” will prove that truth is often funnier than fiction!

Every Thursday night at 9:30 p.m.

Tickets: $10.00


Re-Designing Women

Onyx Theatre
Las Vegas, Nevada

“A laugh out loud must see comedy.”—South Florida Gay News

“Hilarious… a hoot.”—Total Theater (Dallas)

“Sharply written… This isn’t Shakespeare, so once you accept the fact it’s based on an ’80s sitcom about shoulder-pad-wearing Southern belles, you can just sit back, relax and enjoy the show.”—San Diego Union-Tribune

“A delightful opportunity to cut loose, kick back, and enjoy gleeful, adult hilarity.” – —Dallas Examiner

“A group of talented satirists who had me hysterical for most of the evening… Rest assured that, gay or straight, you are in for one helluva ride. I can’t wait to see it again!”—Talkin Broadway

BevNap Productions will present the Las Vegas premiere of RE-DESIGNING WOMEN by Jamie Morris, the twisted mind behind plays including “Mommie Queerest,” (LA Weekly Theater Award winner), “The Facts of Life: The Lost Episode,” “The Silence of the Clams,” and “Gilligan’s Fire Island”. Directed by Christopher Kenney (The ThreePenny Opera on Broadway), this unauthorized original comedy parody celebrates one of the most beloved sitcoms of the 1980s.

In RE-DESIGNING WOMEN, a female-owned Atlanta-based interior design firm, plagued by the faltering economy, is on the brink of collapse. Things change when one of the sassy southern belles has an idea to save the business. She pitches a reality show to Andy Cohen, the hotshot producer from the BRAVO network, and soon, camera crews are following the zany antics of the four outspoken feminists, their ex-con deliveryman, and their daffy family friend. Fame and fortune quickly turn their world upside down as infighting and jealousy threaten to ruin their perfect sitcom existence.


FLOP 4: May the 4th Be with You

Onyx Theatre
Las Vegas, Nevada

Created and Directed by Amanda Kaiser Musical Direction by Bill Fayne

A BRAND NEW installment of Vegas’s funniest cabaret series!

Remember the Broadway musical “Starmites?”

Or “Glory Days?”

How about “Do Black Patent Leather Shoes Really Reflect Up?”


Because they FLOPPED!

But…that doesn’t mean they don’t have redeeming qualities. Amanda Kaiser and friends will take you through a musical journey of Broadway’s less-shiny attempts and dig up some true hidden gems during this cabaret tribute to the underdog…the castaway…the FLOP!

Featuring performances by Kellie Wright, Ayler Evan, Kady Heard, Gret Menzies, Laurina Hendrickson, Lance Bryant and Jason Watson (Broadway’s “Mamma Mia

Hosted by Amanda Kaiser.


Full House: The Very Special Episodes

Onyx Theatre
Las Vegas, Nevada

TGIF is back beginning in August, and twisted all to hell as Troy Heard aims his totally unauthorized sites on your most cherished sitcom. You’ll never look at Comet the same…

The first two episodes on the chopping block are “Shape Up” and “Nerd for a Day.”

Join us every Friday at 11 for more shattered childhood nostalgia! #badtanner

RATED R for language, violence, drunk driving, dead mothers, horny beaver puppets, sexual situations and bad wigs.

Va-Va-Voom presents STRIPLY SONDHEIM

Onyx Theatre
Las Vegas, Nevada

Boobs, Butts and Dichromatic Scales! The musical theatre genius gets the Va-Va-Voom treatment.

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